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General Bike Track Evening

General Bike Track Evening Wednesday 28 Jun 2017

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Try the track out just before the British Superbike Championship turns up.

This General Bike Sessioned Track Evening splits riders into 2 groups and divides the track time between these groups to typically give four 15-20 minute sessions. One group is a track day group, the second is a dedicated group taking their ACU licence test.

Here, you'll find the half-mile Bentley Straight - one of the longest on any UK race track. Extended to 3 miles it has a superb mix of fast sweeping corners, medium speed corners that test your apex hitting skills and slow corners to challenge your nerve. Add in two challenging chicanes, the exhilarating Bombhole corner, the never ending Coram and the picture is complete.

Riders are monitored on circuit to make sure everyone is looking after each other. Briefings are clear about what we expect and group numbers are always sensible.

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