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Novice Only Track Day

Novice Only Track Day Tuesday 10 Jul 2018

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Reduced - to a 3 group day with a scheduled 7x 20min sessions due to low booking numbers - price remains the same!

Our Novice Only Track Days allow anyone to experience the thrill of riding on a race track without the pressure of being surrounded by more experienced circuit riders. If you have never taken part in a track day before, or you have only taken part in a few events, then a Novice Only day is a great place to start.

This sessioned track day split into FOUR GROUPS, with less bikes per group and BIG savings to be had over a 'noisy' day! The track time divided equally between the groups. Typically six 15-20-minute sessions through the day and the groups are smaller so you have more space on circuit. Novice cars will also be on these events (in a different group!) Additional classroom briefings on track riding techniques, body position on the bike and the circuit itself will mean that your trackday is not only great fun but informative as well.

The Novice stipulation is in reference to the rider, not the machine. Most Novice riders arrive on their road bikes; however, some have already acquired track bikes. Others borrow a friend's racing bike just to dip their toe in the water. In every case, they are all Novice circuit riders.


  • Turn-in and apex cones to help you master the track effectively
  • Limited number of bikes on circuit
  • Experienced instructors on hand offering advice and one to one tuition on circuit
  • Off-circuit classes during the day covering riding techniques and body positioning and answering your questions

Please note: our Novice Only Trackdays are for riders who have little or no circuit experience. Race licence holders are not permitted and will be refused entry without refund or credit.

If none of the dates on our Novice Only calendar suit you then you might want to consider attending one of our Sessioned Track Days in the Novice group.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.

Event products

  • Novice £119.00Book now

    Bike Track Day Novice

    A typical rider in the novice group will have little or no experience on circuit More Info


    The Novice group is strictly for riders with little or no track experience.


    07:30 Signing On
    08:30 Briefing
    09:00 Track Time Begins
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 Track time resumes
    17:00 Track Time Ends

  • Track Academy £418.00Book now

    Track Academy

    Intensive course, with lots of training on your own bike, hosted by some of the best rider coaches More Info


    07:30 Signing On
    08:30 Briefing
    09:00 Track Time Begins
    16:00 Track Time Ends
    Running through the lunch break