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2 Group Bike Track Day

2 Group Bike Track Day Wednesday 14 Mar 2018

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Late entry date, so we are unable to provide tyre support for this event.

The Donington Park Grand Prix circuit is full of fantastic sweeping bends - a real riders favourite. The ‘jaw dropping’ Craner Curves and Old Hairpin combination offers the perfect place to test your (nerve) technique, with the Melbourne Hairpin and Redgate a favourite for the knee down opportunity and a test of the brakes! Through Schwantz and Mcleans is our favourite though.

Due to the late addition and very low booking numbers this event has just been reduced to JUST 2 GROUPS of similar ability with 20 min alternating sessions and the groups will be nice and small (20 less riders per group and BIG savings over a 'noisy' day) so you have masses of space on circuit!

Please pay special attention to the noise limit. The standard 98db 'drive-by' limit operates throughout the day. This is not comparable to the 92db limits at other venues. Standard exhausts recommended or baffled aftermarket exhausts.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.

Services available at this event

  • 100% Suspension

    100% Suspension

    Provide a suspension set-up service, for all levels of experience, plus pre and post event services. For information call 07715490888

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