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Road Bike Only

Welcome Road Bike Riders & Bike Magazine Readers

MSV Trackdays, in association with Bike Magazine is delighted to announce the 2014 calendar of Road Bike Only Track Days.

Since our first event back in 2010, the Road Bike Only Track Days have proved to be some of our most popular events of the year.

The friendly and relaxed atmosphere and range of events spanning all of MSV's famous racing venues make these events a must-do for every rider with a road bike.

Pete Boast, BIKE Road Tester and MSVT instructor - Reclaim Our Tracks events are old-school trackdays, which are purely for road bikes. Organised in association with Bike magazine, they have a really nice relaxed atmosphere for road riders to experience their bike properly and on a famous circuit.    

Road Bike Only Track Days capture the excitement of riding on track while ensuring a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of being on circuit alongside track day bikes or race machines.

The rules for these events are simple - only road going bikes will be allowed to take part. For these events this means road legal bikes with working lights and all of the other road paraphernalia. We strongly encourage all participants to ride to and from the circuit.

Riders will typically be split into three groups (or four if listed) as per a normal track day but there will normally be two Novice groups and one Intermediate / Advanced group. The specific schedule and groups for an event will be on the event booking page.

The format of the day will follow the schedule of our General Bike Days.

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There are currently no events that match. Please try again or check back soon.

You can contact MSVT on 0843 453 3000 with your request or alternatively email

Key Features

  • Road Legal Bikes Only
  • Friendly Like-Minded Paddock
  • Rider Etiquette Monitored
  • Friendly Experienced Instructors