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Any experienced track day driver or racer will tell you that the best way to improve your cars performance is to improve the driving performance of person sitting behind the steering wheel! We all think we're great drivers on the road, and it is true to say that some of those skills are transferable to the track. However, sitting next to a professional driver for a lap will soon show you that driving on a race circuit is a completely different ball game.

So whether you're looking to advance your driving skills to become a better road driver or you want to shave seconds off your lap time for your next race - MSVT can help! We offer a range of driver training products specifically tailored to help get the most out of you and your car. Starting at just £25, this could be the cheapest option available to improve the performance of every car you ever drive!

Driver Training on a track day from £25

Track days are the perfect place to improve your car control. On all our track day events we offer a 20 minute session of driver training in your car at a cost of £25 (in addition to the track day price). One of our instructors will sit alongside you and identify areas of your driving where you can improve or particular corners you need to work on. You can book multiple sessions throughout the day which are available on the booking page for each event.

CLICK HERE for a list of all track days events with instruction available.

A one hour session with an instructor using one of our vehicles - £250

We also offer a one hour training session in one of our vehicles for drivers who do not have a car that is appropriate.  Your one hour session alongside your instructor will be spent intermittently driving on circuit and coming into the pits for a review of your last lapping session. A one hour session in one of our vehicles is available for £250.

CLICK HERE for more information and dates for One Hour Driver Training.

Track and Race Academy from £459

MSVT's Track and Race Academy provides the best programme of driver coaching available in the UK. This bespoke course is a full day tailored to your needs, giving you results unrivalled by other training programmes. If you have never been on track before, we'll be covering everything you need to know to become a competent track driver. If you're looking to become racing driver, we'll show you where the extra seconds are and how to go from beginner to winner.

CLICK HERE for a list of academy events.

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Driver Training
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