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General Car Track Day

General Car Track Day Friday 15 Sep 2017

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early bird saver

This event follows the traditional General Track Day Open Pitlane Format. The only difference with an Early Bird Saver is the price starts lower than normal and increases gradually as more drivers book on.

As always, instructors will be on hand at all times to offer advice and one-to-one in-car tuition, for a small fee.

This event is suitable for experienced circuit drivers only.

This General Car Track day has an Open Pit Lane format enabling you to go out on the circuit as you choose. Your day will begin with registration, followed by compulsory drivers briefing. Please pay special attention to the noise limit listed on this event.

This event is the Friday before a race meeting and is suitable for experienced circuit drivers only

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Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.