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Peugeot Taster Session

A Peugeot GTI Taster Session is the best way to sample what track days are all about without having to use your own car.

You'll have the chance to drive either a Peugeot 208GTI or the 308GTI on track for 20 minutes alongside one of our instructors for just £99!

The Peugeot taster sessions are available at lots of our track days. Circuits included are Bedford, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park and Snetterton General Car events. Please take a look at the calendar below and let us know which one you fancy!

A Peugeot Taster Session is perfect for:

  • Newcomers to track day driving that would like to see what it is all about without committing to a full event in their own car. Don't worry if the idea of driving on circuit sounds a bit intimidating - you'll have one of the MSVT instructors sat alongside you at all times whilst on circuit and will receive a full safety briefing prior to your track time.
  • Trying out the fantastic Peugeot 208GTI or 308GTI models in the ideal environment for experienceing a sports car.
  • Using as a 20 minute coaching session in an alternative to your own car.

We guarantee that you will go home having learned something and that you'll take away new skills that will hopefully make you a better road driver!

Please note: Peugeot Taster Sessions are under the guidance of the instructor in the passenger seat. The cars have a dual brake pedal and a safety cut-out. The instructor reserves the right to stop the session if the driver is not using mechanical sympathy or driving without consideration for the instructors safety or other circuit drivers. With this product your are required to complete a damage excess form.

Car specs for the 208GTI and 308GTI are available here.

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There are currently no events that match. Please try again or check back soon.

You can contact MSVT on 0843 453 3000 with your request or alternatively email

Key Features

  • 20 minute session of circuit driving
  • Drive a circuit prepared Peugeot 208GTI or RCZR
  • Experienced ARDS qualified instructor in the passenger seat
  • Ideal for newcomers to get a feel for circuit driving
  • Experience these high performance cars in the ideal environment
  • Competitive 20min instruction package