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MSVT - Taster Session Car

If you have always dreamed of driving around a race track but didn't know where to start then look no further than our Track Day Taster Sessions, where 20 minutes of track time in your own car is available for £30

Aimed at newcomers to track days, these events are a great place to start if you have never driven on track before. With no speed limits, speed cameras, roadworks, traffic lights or police cars, these days are about experiencing what you and your machine can do away from the restrictions of the public road.

Don't worry if the idea of driving on circuit sounds a bit intimidating. You will receive a full safety briefing including track driving techniques, followed by three limited speed laps led by a safety car so that you can familiarise yourself with the circuit and learn the racing line. You can then complete the remainder of the session at your own speed.

Although sports marques are welcome, they are by no means necessary - almost any car can take part. If preferred you can use one of our Peugeot RCZR's or 208GTI's for £99 with an instructor. Either way we guarantee that you will go home having learned something. For some it's discovering the true performance of their car for the first time, but for many it's about enjoying driving on a circuit and even taking away new skills that will make you a better road driver. Taster sessions are available on specific limited dates but can be upgraded. Please enquire by phone: 0843 4533000* or email

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  • 20 minute session
  • Aimed at newcomers but some advanced tasters available
  • Safety briefing & sighting laps included