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Trackday Trophy

The Trackday Trophy is perfect for helping enthusiastic track day drivers and novice racers enter the exciting world of competitive motorsport. With a great spread of rounds at some of the UK's greatest circuits and help and guidance at every stage, the Trackday Trophy is now established as the most popular place to start your racing career.

As the in-house trackday division for MotorSport Vision, we are regularly asked by our track day drivers how to go racing. Conventionally there have been several hurdles into the sport, so in 2010 we decided to start a series that makes it as easy as possible with a primary goal of helping new drivers to go racing. Our series is all about having fun with other likeminded novice racers!


Cars must be fully compliant with MSA regulations (roll cage, fire extinguisher and cut off switches) but the regulations for the series are reasonably relaxed, so that drivers who have already developed cars for track days without having to follow any rules will still be eligible.


Races are designed for teams of two drivers (although solo entries are welcome) so that the costs of running the car can be shared, together with the excitement! Classes are determined on a power-to-weight ratio and each event consists of 30 minutes practice/qualifying, followed by a 45 minute race both of which will take place on one day to reduce overnight costs.


Teams must contain at least one novice driver who has competed in less than six races before. However, experienced racers are permitted (as mentor) to race with a novice co-driver. Solo entries are also acceptable from novices.

Visit the Dedicated Trackday Trophy Website for the full details.

Key Features

  • Perfect for enthusiastic track day drivers & novice racers
  • Each team can have two drivers to share the cost of racing
  • 30 minutes practice/qualifying, followed by a 45 minute race on the same day
  • Classes are determined on a power-to-weight ratio