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Classic Bike Track Day

Classic Bike Track Day Friday 28 Sep 2018

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Welcome to MSVT's Classic Bike Trackday.
This event is for bikes made pre 1994. Bikes after this year are not permitted. This event is ‘the’ perfect opportunity to enjoy your classic machine on a fantastic Park circuit the day before the Vintage Motorcycle Club Championship.

This sessioned trackday splits riders into three groups of a similar ability with the track time divided between these groups.
• Steady
• Intermediate
• Quick

Typically you will receive seven 20 minute sessions of riding time.

In short - a biker’s Mecca. Cadwell Park is a uniquely challenging and exciting circuit and definitely not one to be missed. Imagine your favourite road on steroids and you begin to get the picture. Everybody loves about the place.
All track day spaces include overnight camping at the circuit the night before – just in case you have a way to come. The circuit has toilets, showers and more grassy paddock than you could ever need.
All bikes must meet the 105db noise limit and all riders must wear leathers - either a full one piece suit or two piece suit that zips all the way round. We are unable to provide tyre support service for this track day.

Click the + symbol next to the 'book' button for the event schedule.

We are unable to provide tyre support for this trackday.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.