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Road Bike Only - Fully Booked
Monday 13 Jul 2020

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Click and read all this link for a summary of all the essential minimum measures that must strictly be adhered to. If you are unable to meet these measures please either don't book or contact us to cancel. This is what we need to do to be able to run the track day for you.

Prior to arriving you must complete an online indemnity and briefing. Until this is completed online you are unable to start your day. An email link will be sent approx a week prior to your track day, then we'll send again a couple of days before for those booking late. The briefing can't be viewed until the day before your track day but please get the indemnity done when you receive the link email. This info email will also contain a large amount of info for you to take onboard. Check your spam folder.

For circuits with garages - There is a MAXIMUM of 3 bikes per 'garage side'. A small percentage of garages are available to reserve in advance. The remainder are foc on arrival. Use all the paddock space. Sessions of instruction are still available to book with our professional rider coaches.

No spectators. An essential helper (over 16) is ok. From Saturday 4th July overnight camping will be permitted at all venues (except Donington Park and Bedford Autodrome) the night before or the night between two consecutive track days. In line with the restriction on access to the venue, camping will only be permitted for staff, participants and essential helpers. Toilet facilities will be available overnight. Showering facilities will not be. Catering will continue to be a takeaway service with outside seating.

2M distance from everyone that is not from your household including our team. Consider the needs of others.

View the support services at the bottom of the pages to see if things like bike hire, suspension and tyre support is in attendance. Don't come if you are isolating/shielding/have the known symptoms etc.

Road Bike Only Track Days: The rules for these events are simple - only road going bikes will be allowed to take part. This means 'road legal bikes' with working lights and all of the other road paraphernalia. We strongly encourage all participants to ride to and from the circuit. Daytime MOT spec bikes and slick tyres are unfortunately not suitable for this type of event. Tyre warmers 'are' now permitted.

Riders will typically be split into three groups (or four if listed below) as per a normal track day.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.

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Tyre support including supply, fitting and balancing. Plus suspension setup services. For further information call Stef on 01775 840254 or email

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