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Online Check-in System

MSVT NEWS May 2020

MSV trackdays will require all those taking part on track to complete our Online Check-in System (OCS). This must be completed prior to the track day.

Approx 7-10 days prior to the track day you will receive our 'final joining instructions' by email (check spam/junk folder). This will be re sent one working day prior to capture any late bookings. This will have essential new rules and info to read and will also include an event specific link to the online check-in system.

OCS has two stages to it. The first stage needs to be completed asap. This will involve entering basic contact details of you as a rider/driver and reading/agreeing to the points indicated on the online indemnity. Each person will need to check-in using a different email address. 

The second stage is an online briefing. This will be available 24hrs prior to the event. You need to revisit the same email and link to access the briefing.

If you have booked others - then simply forward on the email to them to also complete.

On the day of the track day, the registration team have to check OCS to confirm it shows you have completed both stages. Only then can we look at your licence and issue a wristband to take part. All participants that have not completed both stages will have to go outside and complete it using their phone/tablet (hop onto the MSV wifi), then come back in. Registration still takes the same amount of time ass before so please turn up early not late.

Please email in with queries and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Its all very busy.

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