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MSVT Testimonials

We are proud of our reputation for being friendly and professional. We try hard to run great events and value the feedback we receive. Featured below are some typical examples of the feedback received.

Ben F - Brands Hatch BSB morning track day

To all at MSVT Brands Hatch

I'd like to say a huge thank you and a very well done to all the staff who made the morning track event go without a hitch. I do hope that this event happens again as it was a great thrill to be on circuit when it is looking so well presented. So well done to the ground staff also.
The whole event had a special feel about it, being set up on the GP circuit really made everyone feel part of the BSB Weekend.
Once again thank you very much for a great experience, can't wait for my next MSVT track day!

Kind Regards


Tami - Snetterton Novice Day


I attended a novice only track day at Snetterton on 11th May, and I cannot praise your team of staff highly enough. What a fantastically well organised and run event. The staff made the day productive, safe, relaxed, fun, and unforgettable. I was nervous as hell in the morning and (I think his name was) Dennis (bright orange overalls) came over with a big smile, a little joke, and a friendly pat on the back and made me feel very welcome. A small gesture can go a long way when you're nervous.

Ian's talk took us through the whole circuit and was hugely helpful. My riding definitely improved after listening to him. I couldn't believe the difference it made. He didn't just tell you what to do, but WHY you needed to do it too, so it all made sense. It was only after this that something in my head clicked and I started to really enjoy the day.

Then Steve took us through body positioning. I thought I knew what to do with that, but couldn't quite work it out, and definitely didn't have the confidence to experiment on the road. His talk made sense, and he explained it all so clearly that I finally got it. I never for a moment thought at the start of the day that I'd be hanging off my bike like a monkey by the end of the day. Obviously I still have a whole world of learning to do, but I never thought I'd get as far as I did, and I can't wait to start building on this at my next track day (already booked with yourselves).

It hasn't even been a year since I passed my test, and I was just looking to slightly improve my road riding skills and general bike control/ confidence. I have come away with so much more confidence, and the improvement in my road riding is obvious. I had a chat with Steve between sessions too, he was so approachable and encouraging. He really helped me. Not least of all when my sodding wing mirror snapped!

The whole day felt very well run. It was clear that we were all under very watchful and experienced eyes, always keeping us safe. Can't be an easy task to keep a bunch of enthusiastic novices from damaging themselves or each other. Again, Steve prepped everyone really well right at the start, putting everyone in the right mindset before we got out on track.

So a big thank you to all the team!

Kind regards,

Simon Y - Leon Haslam Trackday

The sessions by Leon Haslam were exceptional and enormously helpful. I have received instruction from a number of professionals over the years but Leon is the first one to break things down into their component parts and provide advice that was truly transformative and immediately impacted my riding. For five or more years I have struggled with a fear of low sides. The result was that I was going slower and slower and tiptoeing round the corners, waiting to come off. Leon's simple explanation of the three things that cause low sides enabled me to understand what I had done all that time ago and how to avoid this in future. This and his general instruction and understanding of the problems that lesser riding mortals were amazingly helpful and resulted in immediate improvement in my riding. My joy and pleasure on the track have returned, when previously and for some time it has been depressing and dispiriting. If you are able to tell him personally I would be most grateful - truly very, very special. His tuition made this 63 year old very happy - as one who was beginning to think he'd lost it and would have to give up on the track.

Gavin - Track Academy

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed and thankful I am to MSVT and the Brands Hatch staff for making my level 1 and level 2 academy session so fun and productive.
My instructor Mick, who I had for both level 1 and level 2 days was absolutely fantastic. Seriously, I cannot praise him enough. He really understood what I needed to get out of the academy days and made absolutely sure that I achieved it, and then some. Honestly, to anyone reading this..... The track academy days can advance you from the back of the pack right to the front. All at a safe and controlled pace. It feels good to be tearing up the 1000cc bikes on a 600cc bike, because you know it has to be the rider doing it.
I am now ready to join the advanced group, with approval from Mick himself. Never expected such a quick progression.
Thank you so much!

Simon B - Oulton Park

I have been meaning to drop you an email to comment on my first ever track day. I don’t often comment on customer service but credit where credit is due. The event was excellent and I would particularly like to take the time to thank your instructors Jim and Paul with whom I did a couple of training sessions. The guys were chalk and cheese in their approach but both of them are a credit to your organisation. They gauged my level quickly and gently pushed me to progress without it ever feeling patronising. They also took time after the session to review what I’d done and how I felt. They made sure I was happy after and I would not hesitate to recommend the sessions to anyone. The best money I have ever spent on my ‘biking’ hobby!

Tim H - MCN Trackday with Shakey Byrne

Thank you for arranging such an excellent day last Thursday at Brands Hatch.

Being one of the "older" riders, I decided to have a go and do my first trackday on my Speed Triple. I am very glad I did and the whole day was brilliant.

MSVT staff were all friendly and efficient and ran the day really well.

Joe, the MCN photographer was a really nice chap and took a couple of photos of me with Shane Byrne which was too good to be true. Seeing Adam Child ride the ZZR 1400 in the Expert group was highly impressive. Thank you also to the MSVT photographer for getting some excellent pictures to remind me of the day on track and for taking a couple of Shane standing by my Speed Triple.

For anyone thinking about it, do it. There were riders of all ages and quite a few ladies.

The whole atmosphere was very friendly and I had lots of interesting conversations with others in the Novice class and you see an amazing array of different bikes.

Thank you again, all at MCN and MSVT.