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MSVT Testimonials

We are proud of our reputation for being friendly and professional. We try hard to run great events and value the feedback we receive. Featured below are some typical examples of the feedback received.

Pete from Bognor Regis - Brands Hatch, Track Academy

I though the whole event from beginning to end was superb. My instructor for the day was fantastic, he knew exactly how to help you improve and ride to your full potential. I would recommend the track academy to any one.

Chris (Metropolis Motorcycles) - Brands Hatch

Many thanks for another fantastic MSV bike track day yesterday. I bought along three other bikers who had never been on a track before and as I met them outside the gates at Brands it was clear to see, looking into their eyes, they were very nervous and full of trepidation. We rode through the gates into the garage area, you could hear the butterflies jumping around, well it didn't last long !! , as soon as they met the happy MSVT staff who checked their licences it was clear to see they felt happier and ultimately safe. After a fantastic briefing by Ian Copley the boys lined up ready to go on track, they all had brilliant trouble free sessions. How could you complain !!? See you soon

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Nick Foley - Snetterton 300, Track Academy

Just been to Snetterton for the track day with schooling from Mick the Instructor, Best day I've had in ages, the instruction was tailored to my needs and I actually left there a damn site better than I was before.
Well organised and a slick operation.
Nice one guys.

Emma Franklin - Snetterton Track and Race Academy

Just wanted to say thanks and how much I enjoyed the Race Academy day last week. I've done plenty of rider training days over the years, but never come away with as much as I did from this one. The instruction was brilliant and tailored to my specific needs, the track time was plentiful. Genuinely impressed with the instructor - he really understands bikes and riders - even ones who are much slower/less talented than he is. Genuinely seemed interested in each and every one of us on the course. Excellent day!

John Fincher - Trackday at Snetterton 300

Thanks to all at MSVT; I had a terrific time on Friday. It was my first track day, the organisation was efficient and all the staff were welcoming and helpful. There was plenty of track time. I went out in all the novice sessions on my elderly Honda Blackbird and although I was a bit apprehensive of riding on the track in the wet, it was a fantastic experience! I would encourage other riders to come out of their pit garages in wet weather and enjoy the challenge. Regards, John.

Max Carter - Trackday at Snetterton 300

I had a great time on Monday, possibly the best day of my life!!! The tuition from the staff was especially useful and really helped me improve my riding - I had no idea what my bike was capable of. My tutor was Tom Dean and being able to watch his lines around the circuit and the way he moved around on the bike taught me more about riding in 40 minutes than 4 years of road riding! I will definitely be back with MSVT soon, I am hoping to do a day at Brands at the end of July. Thanks, Max.

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