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General Car Noisy Track Day

General Car Noisy Track Day Friday 14 Dec 2018

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noisy day

This event follows the traditional General Track Day Open Pitlane Format. The only difference with an Early Bird Saver is the price starts lower than normal and increases gradually as more drivers book on.

The Donington Park National circuit is full of fantastic sweeping bends - a real driver's favourite. The ‘jaw dropping’ Craner Curves and Old Hairpin combination offers the perfect place to test your (nerve) technique. The only difference between this and the GP layout is the exclusion of the GP loop (from the Esses down to the Melbourne hairpin). Sweeping through Schwantz and Mcleans is our favourite.

This open pit lane track day lets you decide when and for how long you are on track. Nice and relaxed. Helmet hire is available to pre-book only due to very limited stock. 

There will be no static or drive-by test or limit during this event. 'Noisy' track day dates are very rare which is why it is more expensive than a quiet day.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.