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General Car Track Day - Sessions

General Car Track Day - Sessions Monday 03 Dec 2018

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Sessioned General Car Track Days split drivers into three groups of mixed experience.

As always, instructors will be on hand at all times to offer advice and one-to-one in-car tuition, for a small fee.

All levels of driver are welcome on these events.

This General Car Track day follows a 'Session' format with groups on track for 20mins on rotation. Each group has a scheduled 7x 20min sessions through the day*, inc sighting laps.  

Your day will begin with registration, followed by your car being noise tested. Please pay special attention to the noise limit listed on your chosen event.

*six during winter dates due to failed light.

Click the + symbol next to the 'book' button for the event schedule.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.