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Novice Only Track Day

Novice Only Track Day Monday 12 Aug 2019

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Our novice only track days allow anyone to experience the thrill of driving on a race track without the pressure of being surrounded by more experienced circuit drivers and racers. If you have never taken part in a track day before, or you have only taken part in a few events, then a Novice Only day is a great place to start. High performance cars are by no means necessary, although they are also welcome!

The Donington Park Grand Prix circuit is full of fantastic sweeping bends - a real drivers favourite. The ‘jaw dropping’ Craner Curves and Old Hairpin combination offers the perfect place to test your (nerve) technique. With the inclusion of the GP loop we have extra track linked by The fast chicane of the Esses and down to the Melbourne hairpin. Sweeping through Schwantz and Mcleans is our favourite though.

This event will use a THREE GROUP session format where you will typically receive six 20 minute sessions throughout the day plus a sighting session.

Please pay special attention to the noise limit. The standard 98db 'drive-by' limit operates throughout the day. This is not comparable to the 92db drive by limits at other venues. Cars close to the typical 105db static limit will likely fail.

The day will include:

  • Marker boards around the circuit to help you master the track
  • Limited number of cars on circuit
  • Experienced instructors on hand throughout the event, offering advice and in-car tuition
  • Pit garages are free on arrival on a first come basis
  • Helmet hire is available to pre-book only due to very limited stock. 

With the additional driver price of £15, why not bring a friend to join you and share the cost? Remember you don’t need a special car to take part and after a day on the track, we guarantee you will be back for more!! As always, instructors will be on hand at all times to offer advice and one-to-one in-car tuition, for a small fee. Open-top vehicles are not suitable for instruction unless you have an intercom. Novice bikes will also be in attendance - in a different group.

Please note: Novice Only Trackdays are for drivers who have little or no on track experience. Race licence holders are not permitted and will be refused entry without refund or credit.

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.

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    Novice Only Car Trackday

    If you have never driven on circuit before or have little track experience these events are perfect More Info


    07:30 Signing On
    08:30 Briefing
    09:00 Sighting Laps
    13.00 Lunch
    14.00 Track Time Restarts
    17:00 Track Time Ends