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The 19th Annual RS Day

The 19th Annual RS Day Friday 08 Mar 2019

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Welcome to the 19th Annual Porsche RS Track Day!

*Please note: this is a Porsche only event

All levels of driver are welcome on these events. As always, instructors will be on hand at all times to offer advice and one-to-one in-car tuition, for a small fee. Open-top vehicles are not suitable for instruction unless you have an intercom.

This General Car Track day has an Open Pit Lane format enabling you to go out on the circuit as you choose. Your day will begin with registration, followed by your car being noise tested. Please pay special attention to the noise limit listed.

Oulton Park is one of Britain's most picturesque racing circuits is also amazingly exciting. Set within acres of parkland, Oulton Park has barely a single stretch of circuit which is truly flat. The track combines a never-ending sequence of climbs, descents and flowing curves

Please call 0843 453 3000* if you require further clarification.