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Dealer Days

Steeped in motorsport history and passion, a racing circuit is an inspiring place to do business, and MSVT can offer access to five of the best venues in the UK.

If you are in the business of selling cars, automotive accessories or related products and services, you may be interested in an MSV Trackdays hosted Dealer Event. The perfect alternative to the showroom is an environment full of excitement. Spend the day on circuit and in the paddock engaging with your clients, partners and suppliers away from the office and at a race circuit with a fantastic atmosphere and doing something really fun.

A track day is not just an opportunity to drive fast - it is a day at a circuit with like-minded people to strengthen their loyalty with your staff and your brand.

The scale of your MSVT Dealer Event is up to you. Whether you want to promote or enhance the awareness of your company, offer an alternative staff or corporate incentive, or just want to “set up shop” in one of the best known pit lanes in the UK, we are here to help.

Being the internal track day department for all the MSV circuits, we are in a unique position to offer a wide range of options such as bespoke booking pages, on the grid photo shoots, presentation/meeting suites, local road test routes, catering, track car hire, exclusive track briefings and everything else you can think of allowing you to offer an exciting, individual track-based company event with us doing the work for you.  

Whatever your budget or specific requirements we will be able to create an event that works for you, either exclusively or within an existing event. 

Please contact Stuart Garland on 0843 453 3000 or email to discuss your company's individual requirements.

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