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New to track days? The essentials

If you have never been on a track day before then you're in the right place! We have events and products specifically tailored to track day novices to ensure that your first experience of driving your car on circuit is not only fun but also "pressure free" as well. On our Novice only track days you won't find any seasoned trackday or racing drivers as these events are restricted to drivers who have little or no experience.

Participating in an MSV Track day isn't about driving on the limit, it's an opportunity to experience the performance of your car within a safe, controlled and professional environment. You'll have the opportunity to learn new driving skills that are useful not only on the track, but the road as well.

Brake boards and apex cones are laid out on circuit at all our novice events, providing a constant guide of where your car should be positioned so that you are as smooth as possible through each corner. In addition to this, we have qualified driver instructors on hand ready to offer you advice and one-to-one in-car training, with prices starting at just £25 for a 15 minute session.

These events are designed for you;


Our Track Day Taster Sessions are the cheapest and easiest way to get on track where 20 minutes of track time is available for just £30. They are a great way to see what track days are all about without committing to a full day. You will receive a full safety briefing including track driving techniques, followed by three limited speed laps led by a safety car before you complete the remainder of your session at your own speed.


Our Novice Only Track Days allow anyone to experience the thrill of driving on a race track without the pressure of being surrounded by more experienced circuit or racing drivers. You will receive more track time than on a Taster Session which will give you a chance to really get to see what you and your car are capable of!


Our No Race Car Track Days capture the excitement of the track while ensuring a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of being on track at the same time as race cars. This type of event is the perfect opportunity for drivers to experience what it is like driving their own car on a race circuit and explore its capabilities in a safe environment.


As a track day novice we highly recommend instruction to get the most out of your track day. We have a selection of driver training products available which start at just £25. This could be the cheapest option available to improve the performance of every car you ever drive. Please select 'Products' and 'Training' from the top menu bar.

Booking Your Track Day

It's best not to roll up on the day without checking you tick all the required boxes.

  • What is it all about?

    What is it all about?

    The essence of a track day is simple. A non-competitive event allowing drivers to come to a race circuit and explore their car's performance in a safe, controlled and professional environment. Driver etiquette is of ultimate importance and so there is no close or aggressive overtaking. Overtaking is by invitation between corners and driving is monitored with poor or dangerous driving dealt with swiftly.

    Please read 'What do I need?' and 'What about the car?' to make sure you meet the requirements. To guarantee your place on an event you do need to book in advance.

    You can bring additional drivers and passengers to all our track days. Ideally they should be pre-booked. Groups of passengers and extra drivers must be arranged with the booking team prior to the event on the phone so we know the number of people who will be attending. Spectators are also welcome at all of our events, except events held at Bedford Autodrome. All passengers must at least 14 years of age except events held at Bedford Autodrome where the minimum age is 16.

    Instruction is available at all our events and highly recommended. This is the best investment you could ever make for going faster and safer. There are a range of instruction options to suit your budget.

    Garages can be reserved in advance for a small fee. Please see the booking
    page of your track day for further details. Any garages not reserved on the day are available free on a first come first served basis


  • What do I need?

    All drivers must hold one of the following licences and comply with the relevant regulations in order to take part in a track day: DVLA road licence - must be a fully unrestricted valid driving licence issued by the DVLA (or the equivalent foreign licensing authority in the driver's country of residence and be 17 years or above) with the appropriate category clearly indicated. MSA National B (or higher) race licence - must be a current MSA National B (or higher) race licence.

    N.B. Drivers aged 16-18 years must book by phone and gain approval prior to the event. Drivers in this age group with a senior National B must use a vehicle that is relevant and of similar performance to their race car which must also be approved in advance by the MSV Trackdays team. They can only drive on circuit on their own or with an ARDS Grade "A" instructor. They cannot carry general passengers. For drivers aged 16-18 with a valid MSA National B "Junior" Race Licence the additional criteria must also be met:

    • Such driver is using one of the three Junior Championship Vehicles. (Ginetta Junior, SAXMAX, Fiesta Junior)
    • Such driver has an ARDS Grade "A" instructor with them at all times when on circuit.
    • Such driver has, prior to the date of the event, provided written proof of their competence and licence, Instructor's licence details, and what car they plan on using to the MSV Trackdays team.
    • Such driver's parent or legal guardian has signed and completed the relevant section of the Registration Form on the day of the event.

    Equipment Requirements

    All drivers and passengers must wear a suitable crash helmet (not off road style motorcycle helmets) and have their legs covered at all times whilst on circuit. In the case of open top/convertible vehicles, drivers must wear a full face helmet and have arms and legs covered.


  • What about the car?

    What about the car?

    The Car

    In the case of road cars - the vehicle must conform to MOT minimum standards for road use or MSA current safety and silencing regulations for track cars. All cars must have working seat belts regardless of age and fit their towing eye in the front. It must be in good condition both mechanically and bodily and suitable for its intended use on the track. It is your duty to ensure that the vehicle remains in this condition for the duration of the activity, in the interests of your safety and the safety of others at the circuit. Open wheels/single seater chassis are not permitted, or vehicles exceeding 1.85m high. Cars using slick tyres must have an MSA/FIA approved roll cage. If MSVT deem the vehicle not in keeping with the event booked it reserves the right to exclude the vehicle without refund.

    Noise Restrictions The vehicle you intend to use must conform to our noise regulations. Full details of these can be found in the FAQ Noise Regulations section. If MSV is of the opinion that any vehicle does not comply with the applicable noise restrictions, the relevant vehicle will be prevented from participating in the remainder of the event unless and until the noise emissions are addressed to bring them within the applicable limit.

    Accident Damage and Insurance

    MSV do not require you to have insurance cover in place on its track days. However insurance can be arranged if preferred. More detail is available in the next dedicated FAQ below.

    When driving an MSV vehicle on circuit, you will be required to pay up to £1500 in respect of any damage to the vehicle regardless of fault.


  • Trackday Insurance

    Insurance isn’t compulsory for trackdays, but it may well be worth considering specialist cover. Incidents are exceptionally rare on track day events, however it’s unlikely they will be covered by your regular road insurance policy. Companies such as A-Plan could cover your car from as little as £95 per day and you can find out more about the policies available on their website. A-Plan along with other companies, offers yearly policies too, so there will be something to fit, whether you’re a regular or occasional track day participant.


  • What happens on the day?

    A Typical day will run like this:

    Signing On (7:30-8:30)

    Complete and sign the drivers indemnity form, driving licence check and allocation of instruction session if requested.


    Noise Testing (8:00-8:30)

    Before taking part in any track day, your vehicle is subject to a noise test. Please see the noise testing regulations to see how this is measured.


    Safety Briefing (8:30 - 8:45)

    This will cover everything you need to know about the day from rules of the event, through to car preparation, driving techniques, etiquette and circuit information.


    Familiarisation/Sighting Laps (9:00)

    Familiarisation laps are carried out behind a pace car and give you a chance to experience each bend at a reduced speed and note the live marshal post and circuit conditions before unrestricted track time begins.


    Track Time Begins (9:00 - 17:00)

    Events will typically follow one of two formats with an hour break for lunch. Open Pitlane - you can go on and off circuit as you choose. Or sessions - vehicles are grouped according to the users track experience. Sessions are typically 20 minutes on rotation. It's time to put your vehicle through its paces. Warm your tyres, start off slow and build up your pace up throughout the day. There is no rush.




Noise Regulations

All racing circuits have noise restrictions and at MSVT we are unfortunately no exception. It is extremely important that we operate in compliance with our limits so that we also minimise any disturbance to local communities. At MSVT events the noise testing area is indicated by a tall orange flag labelled 'Noise Test'.

  • Static noise testing

    These days, all racing circuits have noise restrictions. It is extremely important that we operate in compliance with our set limits. We must act in accordance with the regulations to ensure the future of trackdays for everyone that abides by the rules. Please help us by making your vehicle as quiet as possible before taking part in any on circuit activity. Anyone wishing to have their car tested before a track day is more than welcome to come to one of our circuits during our events and have a noise test free of charge. It takes just a few minutes.

    The initial test is a static test which is carried out using a handheld meter. Each car is measured 0.5 meters away from the exhaust at a 45 degree angle when the engine is being held at ¾ of the maximum RPM. In cases where the vehicle has two separated exhausts the measurement will be taken as below from the median point between the two.

    For car track days, the noise regulations for each of the circuits are as follows:

    Brands Hatch

    Oulton Park

    Cadwell Park


    Bedford Autodrome

    Indy Circuit (Daytime) - 105dB(A)

    All circuits - 105dB(A)

    All circuits - 105dB(A)

    Daytime - 105dB(A)

    All circuits - 101dB(A)

    Indy Circuit (Evening) - 102dB(A)
    Please note: we also run some events at 98dB(A).


    Evenings - 102dB(A)



    GP Circuit 101dB(A)












    Additional Information
    Factors such as air temperature and humidity can affect the level of noise that your car is producing. If you are ever within 1dB(A) of  a particular limit then we suggest that you strongly consider having your car looked at before making another booking.


  • Drive-By noise monitoring

    In addition to the initial static test our circuits have a continuous automated 'drive-by' meter operating to ensure vehicles continue to adhere to the noise restriction in place. 

    If the results of the drive-by monitoring show that your vehicle is exceeding the drive-by then you will be called into the pit-lane to address the noise level being generated.

    The circuits drive by limits are:

    Oulton Park 92db
    Snetterton 92db
    Bedford Autodrome 87.5db
    Donington Park 98db

    Exhausts do get louder with age as the packing deteriorates and it may be that you need to purchase an additional silencer or have the exhaust repacked before attending another event.


  • Noise limits for each circuit

    Brands Hatch

    Oulton Park

    Cadwell Park


    Bedford Autodrome

    Indy Circuit (Daytime) - 105dB(A)

    All circuits - 105dB(A)

    All circuits - 105dB(A)

    Daytime - 105dB(A)

    All circuits - 101dB(A)

    Indy Circuit (Evening) - 102dB(A) Please note: we also run some events at 98dB(A). These events also have an 88dB(A) drive by limit. Please see the booking page of your event for details.


    Evenings - 102dB(A)



    GP Circuit 101dB(A)


    Brands Hatch also has a 92dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.

    Oulton Park also has a 92dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.


    Snetterton also has a 92dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.

    Bedford Autodrome also has a 87.5dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.

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