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Provisional 2020 dates

MSVT NEWS November 2019

Once dates are listed for booking on our 'calendar page' then they are confirmed and good to book We don't expect many changes at this stage but can't guarantee just yet ....


Monday 13th Donington

Monday 13th Bedford

Saturday 18th Oulton

Saturday 18th Bedford

Sunday 19th Cadwell

Monday 20th Donington

Saturday 25th Donington

Saturday 25th Snetterton

Monday 27th Snetterton

Friday 31st Brands

Friday 31st Bedford


Saturday 1st Brands

Saturday 1st Oulton

Saturday 1st Snetterton

Friday 7th Cadwell

Friday 7th Bedford

Friday 7th Brands

Saturday 8th Brands

Friday 14th Oulton

Saturday 15th Oulton

Saturday 15th Donington

Monday 17th Snetterton

Tuesday 18th Brands

Friday 21st Bedford

Saturday 22nd Brands

Sunday 23rd Snetterton

Sunday 23rd Cadwell

Monday 24th Brands

Friday 28th Donington

Saturday 29th Bedford

Saturday 29th Snetterton


Sunday 1st Brands

Sunday 1st Snetterton

Monday 2nd Donington

Monday 2nd Cadwell

Tuesday 3rd Brands

Saturday 7th Oulton

Monday 9th Brands

Monday 9th Bedford

Wednesday 11th Donington

Wednesday 11th Oulton

Sunday 15th Snetterton

Monday 16th Brands

Monday 16th Donington

Monday 16th Snetterton

Tuesday 17th Oulton

Saturday 21st Cadwell

Saturday 22nd Donington

Monday 23rd Snetterton

Tuesday 24th Oulton

Wednesday 25th Brands

Monday 30th Bedford


Wed 1st Brands

Thurs 2nd Snetterton

Thurs 2nd Cadwell

Mon 6th Bedford

Tues 7th Brands

Thurs 9th Snetterton

Sat 11th Bedford

Sun 12th Cadwell

Mon 13th Cadwell

Wed 15th Brands

Fri 17th Oulton drift

Mon 20th Donington

Tues 21st Snetterton

Wed 22nd Brands

Thurs 23rd Oulton

Fri 24th Cadwell

Mon 27th Donington

Mon 27th Bedford

Wed 29th Brands

Thurs 30th Brands GP


Tues 5th Oulton

Thurs 7th Snetterton

Fri 8th Snetterton

Sat 9th Bedford

Mon 11th Brands

Mon 11th Donington

Mon 18th Snetterton

Mon 18th Bedford

Tues 19th Brands

Wed 20th Brands

Wed 20th Donington

Wed 20th Oulton

Thurs 21st Snetterton

Thurs 21st Cadwell


Mon 1st Cadwell

Tues 2nd Oulton

Thurs 4th Brands

Sat 6th Bedford

Mon 8th Donington

Tues 9th Brands

Wed 10th Snetterton

Mon 15th Cadwell

Wed 17th Snetterton

Thurs 18th Brands

Mon 22nd Donington

Wed 24th Brands GP

Wed 24th Snetterton

Thurs 25th Cadwell


Thurs 2nd Brands

Mon 6th Bedford

Tues 7th Brands

Tues 7th Oulton

Thurs 9th Cadwell

Fri 10th Oulton

Mon 13th Brands

Mon 13th Donington

Wed 15th Oulton

Wed 15th Snetterton

MOn 20th Donington

Tues 21st Brands

Tues 21st Snetterton

Wed 22nd Snetterton

Sat 25th Bedford

Mon 27th Bedford

Tues 28th Cadwell

Wed 29th Oulton

Thurs 30th Brands


Mon 3rd Donington

Tues 4th Snetterton

Wed 5th Brands GP

Sat 8th Bedford

Tues 11th Cadwell

Wed 12th Brands

Wed 12th Oulton

Sat 15th Bedford

Mon 17th Donington

Tues 18th Brands

Tues 18th Snetterton

Mon 24th Donington

Mon 24th Bedford

Wed 26th Oulton

Wed 26th Snetterton

Thurs 27th Brands

Fri 28th Donington

Sat 29th Cadwell


Tues 1st Snetterton

Wed 2nd Brands

Wed 2nd Donington

Mon 7th Brands

Tues 8th Cadwell

Wed 9th Oulton

Tues 15th Snetterton

Mon 21st Donington

Mon 28th Cadwell

Tues 29th Brands

Tues 29th Snetterton

Wed 30th Oulton


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