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Thinking of becoming an ARDS instructor? MSV Trackdays now provides the ARDS Instructor Test which is essential for anyone looking to take their first step into becoming a race instructor.
This one day course will assess your circuit driving, but more importantly your ability to instruct others to become more effective drivers on track. The test also includes classroom and practical in-car sessions on instruction techniques.
A solid race history and racing CV is required (please see requirements) along with a good knowledge of Motorsport and the Motorsport UK/ARDS licensing system as a whole. A high level of customer service, ability to communicate effectively and any other relevant coaching/instructing experience is also an advantage.

Test Content

  • Instructor conduct
  • Instruction techniques
  • Strapping in/Pit Lane Safety
  • Current ARDS licencing process
  • In car assessment of instructional ability
  • In car demo from an 'A' grade instructor
  • Driving assessment in a variety of vehicles 
  • Classroom de-brief/question session


All candidates will need to hold a valid Motorsport UK International C Racing Licence or above, and supply a current racing CV for vetting.
We will not accept a National Licence with signatures.

You will need the ability to instruct, or be assessed in a variety of vehicles including (but not limited to) Caterhams and single seater cars. 

Please contact us if you need further clarification with regards to candidate requirements. On successfully passing the test you will be able to apply for an ARDS Grade "C" (probationary) Instructors Licence. Please note that there is a separate licence fee which is payable to ARDS on application.

For details on what the licence entitles you to do please visit the ARDS Website

Please note that there is no guarantee of employment with Motorsport Vision on passing the test.

The test is £650 and dates are limited.

For more information on booking and ARDS instructors test and available dates please contact us by email -

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