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Thinking of going rallying? We can help you take the first step to becoming a rally driver with an official BARS rally licence test.

A BARS licence is the recognised qualification for most entry level rally series and is provided by the MotorsportUK who regulates motorsport in the UK. By obtaining one, you will have achieved a minimum standard for both the academic and practical knowledge of rallying which is essential for anyone before starting their rally career. The price of the BARS test is set at £180 by the MSA.

The test is a great introduction to motorsport and will equip you will some new skills. However, you will need some rally driving experience prior to taking the practical section of the test as there is no driving tuition given during the test itself.

A one hour 1-2-1 rally tuition option is available and can be added to your test booking for £230. This will put you in an excellent position to take your BARS in addition to bringing on your skills leaps and bounds. If you are unsure as to whether you have enough rally driving experience please call us to discuss your requirements.

You will also need a MSA 'Go Rallying Pack' (available from which contains your application form and everything you need to prepare for the BARS test.

The test comprises of the following elements:

  • Welcome introduction
  • Video
  • Briefing - what to expect at your first rally, safety issues and the BARS test details
  • Written test
  • 20 minute stage driving evaluation
  • De-brief

At the point of booking you can request either FWD or RWD BARS test or tuition depending on your intention for competition or simply preference. The courses are available at Brands Hatch near London or Oulton Park in Cheshire. For further questions and available dates please call 0843 4533000* or email us at:

Motorsport News, National Rallying Editor, Jack Benyon was put to the test with us - Click here for his report.


  • MSA BARS licence
  • Off-track introduction & written test
  • 20 minute stage driving evaluation & de-brief
  • Some rally driving experience needed prior to the practical test
  • Available at brands hatch & oulton park
  • Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive BARS test
  • Extra BARS focused tuition prior to test available