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Caterham 2.5 How Fast

Caterham 2.5 How Fast

If you used to sit watching Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car thinking "I can do better than that" - now is your chance. You can test your driving skills against the rest of the drivers in the UK and end the pub banter between friends on who is the best driver with our How Fast events!

However, with this event you won't be using a "reasonably priced car" - you'll behind the wheel of one of high powered Caterham's. The Caterham has nothing but the bare essentials: a frame, engine, gearbox, suspension and wheels. It weighs just 600kg, which means it accelerates, corners and stops faster than just about anything out there.

Powered by Ford's amazing 2.5l Duratec engine throwing out 200bhp. We use a bigger chassis for a little more comfort, SADEV paddle shift, meaning gearshifts take a barely-perceptible 0.05 of a second. And 0-60mph is a 3.9 second blur.

Your experience begins with a one-hour practice session, where you will be able to hone your skills and receive advice from our qualified race instructors. This will comprise of two 20-minute on-track instruction sessions with debriefing time in the pit-lane, ensuring you're ready to set the best time possible.

After you have had time to practice, it's then down to you to cover the challenging 1.8-mile West Circuit as fast as you can and set a time that will be displayed on the How Fast Leaderboard for all to see. The cars are the same so there are no excuses - it's all about your driving skills! £299

2.5 Palmer Caterham

Top Speed:  145 mph
0-60mph:  3.9 secs
Engine:  2.5 litre Duratec
Power:  200 bhp
Transmission:  Paddleshift


Upcoming Events With - How Fast in our 2.5l Caterham

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