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Track/Race Academy

Track/Race Academy

If you want an intensive course, with one-to-one coaching in your own car, hosted by some of the best instructors in the UK, look no further.

MSVT's Track and Race Academy is available at all five of our circuits and provides the best programme of driver coaching available in the UK. This bespoke course is a full day with a dedicated, one on one, instructor. The course is tailored to your needs, giving you results unrivalled by other training programmes.

Driving fast whilst keeping a car balanced and under complete control requires skill and teaching. Any successful racing driver or experienced track day driver will tell you that training and practice is the only way to obtain this skill.

If you have never been on track before, we'll be covering everything you need to know to become a competent track driver. If you're looking to become a racing driver, we'll show you where the extra seconds are and how to go from beginner to winner.


Track Academy is a full-day course designed to get you up to speed with on-circuit driving. If it's your first time on circuit or you are a track day regular this course will help you improve your technique. Knowing the characteristics of your car and how to adapt your style to make the most of it are all skills that every track day driver needs. The day with your Track Academy Instructor will get you up to speed with the set up of your car and help you master the track. £399 plus your chosen track day.

Race Academy is a whole day of pinpoint tuition to help hone your racing skills. If you have not yet got your National B racing licence then we will include the test and help you through it. If you have already captured the National B Licence we will put you through your Advanced ARDS test to help you on your way to competitive racing. If you haven't done so already, you must order your Go Racing Pack (£100 plus P+P) in advance of the event.

The day with your Race Academy Instructor covers all aspects of front line racing including the theory of defensive driving and those nail those nerve-racking racing starts. £549 plus your chosen track day.

MSVT recognises concentration is key when it comes to learning. As such we will include a breakfast roll and lunch as well as teas and coffees on your day to ensure you are always alert and focused.

Please note: Participants must hold a full and valid UK driving licence which must be presented on the day. Open top cars similar to Caterham's are not suitable due to the poor ability to communicate in-car without an Intercom.

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