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Trackday Championship

MSVT - Trackday Championship

The Trackday Championship, runs a 30 minutes qualifying 45 minute race format; that takes its teams to the limit on the UK’s best circuits.

Designed for production and production based Saloon, Hatchback and Sports cars this is club racing like you’ve not seen it before! A mandatory pit-stop twinned with the longer race length and the competitive racing characteristic of the series will test not only the talent of the drivers but the tactics of their team as well.

The Trackday Championship is intended to be a team event and therefore, races are designed for two drivers so that the costs of running the car can be shared, but solo entries are also accepted.

With NO HIDDEN FEES the registration fee of £150 covers the car and all the drivers for the whole year.

Trackday Championship runs a power to weight class system to ensure competitive racing regardless of your chosen vehicle and can now accept cars up to 225 bhp/ton in the new “S” Class!

The Trackday Championship is the best racing for tin tops in the UK!

The Trackday Championship has a dedicated website.


The regulations for the championship are reasonably relaxed, so that most cars that have already been developed for trackdays will be eligible.

  • Must be a production and production based Saloon, Hatchback or Sports car.
  • Meet the basic MSA standards for safety
  • No more than 225 bhp per ton
  • Minimum weight of 600kg (post race and with driver)
  • Standard exterior floor
  • Tyres must be from MSA list 1a, 1b and 1c. Slick tyres/Motorsport Wets are not permitted
  • Forced Induction cars (Turbocharged / Supercharged) must run with a manditory ballast.
  • Cars with sequential gearboxes will run with a manditory ballast.


  • Designed for production & production based saloon, hatchback & sports cars
  • 30 minutes practice/qualifying, followed by A 45 minute race on the same day
  • Classes are determined on a power-to-weight ratio
  • Suitable for more experienced racers